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A few days ago, we posted an article related to the activity (or lack thereof) of the Pittsburgh Pirates so far this offseason.  As we are now in the middle of MLB’s Winter Meetings in Nashville, the Bucs haven’t made an acquisition, while other clubs, with the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals being the most relevant, making several in the past week.

The consensus among Pirates fans seems to be split at this point – some are trusting in the system and Neal Huntington to make the right move(s) at the right time, while others are fuming that the Bucs haven’t made a move yet, and are falling farther behind their N.L. Central rivals by the day.

There is no denying that the Pirates need to fix some holes in their lineup if they are going to compete for a division title in 2016.  The starting pitching rotation and first base certainly top the list, but the ongoing situation involving Neil Walker also looms, as well as Mark Melancon.

And while no moves have been made as of yet, the Pirates have been linked to a number of players, including, Mitch Moreland, Mike Napoli, and Kyle Kendrick, among others.  But when compared to names like Ben Zobrist going to the Cubs, these don’t quite compare to that hype.

RELAX!  Pirates fans, after all we have seen in the past few years, we need to be able to trust this team to make the necessary moves to be better than they were a year ago.  Is it a little unnerving that nothing has been done yet?  Of course…but there are only so many things that are under the Pirates’ control.  They don’t dictate the free agent market and they can’t control what other teams will do.  For example, it’s not conceivable for the Pirates to have signed Zobrist to a four year, $56 million deal.  It’s not the way the Pirates have built this team and they aren’t going to start handling business that way now.

Pittsburgh needs to get better than they were last season, just as the Cardinals and Cubs need to get better.  Each club has bigger goals for 2016, whether it’s winning the division or winning the World Series.  Each of these teams had a good chance to do that last season, and while none of them did, they are expected to be in the thick of the postseason again in October.

So for now, we are playing the waiting game as fans.  But don’t lose hope in this team or in this organization.  We need to trust in their decision making and rely on their ability to weigh the balance between what is right for the team now and what is right for the future.

As Always…

Let’s Go Bucs!